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Bringing Japan's Fruits and Vegetables to the World

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To our customers around the world

We provide information on Japanese fruits and vegetables to customers around the world. You can check it from the special page below.
Buyers who want to purchase fruits and vegetables can also proceed to the business meeting form from the address below.
How to Certify Authenticity

In order to prevent counterfeiting, the tags provided by the Japan Fruit and Vegetable Council use the HiddenTag® with distribution control function provided by the Japan Distribution Management Support Organization.を採用しております。
In addition to Google and Apple, it also supports WeChat, minimizing the risk of consumers believing counterfeit tags and buying fake products.

Download the verification application
HiddenTag Scan Step
Download the WeChat version and verification application.
To Japanese Producers

Our mission is to connect buyers from around the world with people who want to export fruits and vegetables to global markets, and to create a platform for customers around the world to learn about authentic fruits and vegetables with peace of mind.
As part of this project, we have been providing a matching service using our website since 2020. For more information, please contact us.

Business introduction video (2 minutes)
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